its raelly obvious, if your favorite food is bad for you guess what NO WEIGHT HAHA! actually, that would be really bad cuz a. when most people hear this there gunna be like yes! and eat a lot of junk food, but you can still get diabetes and stuff and by the time you stop its too late, and b. gaining weight is important to health if you don't you die :p (red is still better cuz fav food is prob bad for you eat anything you can vary so die either way but watevs)

Raw desserts often feature a short list of whole, unprocessed ingredients like nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. They get their sweetness from dried fruit, raw agave nectar, and other natural sweeteners. No refined or artificial sweeteners here! They are no-bake! Great for the warmth of spring or summer, and also for energy conservation, you can avoid cranking up the oven to 350 when making a raw dessert. Most raw desserts are gluten-free and vegan!
Using the peanut paste, you can smear it on apples, bananas, or rice crackers. You can also replace the peanut butter in your favourite Thai noodle sauce with PB2, or use it in its powdered form in baked goods. If you go the baked goods route, make sure to swap out about ¼ of flour the recipe calls for since you’ll be adding extra powder with the PB2.
This shake is vegan and gluten free without any added sugars. Using a tablespoon or two less peanut butter and add another tablespoon cacao to cut back the calories and fat content. This simple shake packs a fantastic flavor and is a perfect portion for a midafternoon snack or post-dinner dessert. It’s so tasty that you’ll have to be careful not to sip too fast and risk brain freeze!
Why would you have plain old sweet-potato fries when you can wrap them in bacon? This recipe calls for just two ingredients: sweet potatoes and bacon. The only trick is twirling the bacon around the sweet potato fries, but it's pretty darn easy. What you end up with is a surprisingly attractive party hors d'oeuvre (if you don't devour them all yourself, of course).  
Remember, food is not the enemy. Food isn’t meant to torment you. It’s meant to be pleasurable and even fun! You need food to live, so you might as well enjoy it every time. Food is a wonderful activity to enjoy with those you love, or even solo. Try to savor every meal you eat and don’t get too concerned about every single calorie going into your body. If you follow the basic rules of Noom, you will see the results you deserve.

Then we have a box of Cheetos and glass of soda. The glass of soda is a bunch of chemicals and pure sugar that has no nutrients. Just caloric energy (calories). The Cheetos are made from chemicals and wheat that has been stripped of its nutrients and processed down to flour. This process makes these foods more calorie dense and easier to consume more of.
Any time I see a club sandwich, I think of my mother. When I was a kid, my mom always ordered them, while I ordered chicken parmesan sandwiches wherever we were. At the time, I never got the appeal of a club-why would one eat turkey, when you could be eating something fried and dripping with cheese? Now I love them. Back then, I found it fascinating that my mother could eat just one or two quarters as her entire meal. These days, I often eat just two quarters, but I always eat them with a small salad or follow them with a piece of fruit or some On-the-Terrace FruIt'salad (page 222). 5 minutes. Transfer the bacon to a paper towel-lined plate to drain. Just before the bacon is cooked, toast the bread slices until lightly toasted on both sides. Then place them side by side on a clean work surface. Spread 1'/2 teaspoons mayonnaise on the first and third slices of bread. Place the lettuce and then the tomato on the first slice. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Top evenly with half of the turkey. Top that with the bare slice of bread. Add the remaining turkey, followed by the bacon. Place the remaining slice of bread atop the sandwich. Secure the sandwich layers together by piercing them through the top bread slice with 4 decorative toothpicks placed in a diamond pattern so they go all of the way through the sandwich. Use a serrated knife to cut the sandwich diagonally into 4 triangles (a toothpick should be securing each quarter). Serve immediately.
Sure, you could just eat cold pizza from the night before, but if you want to experience the true joy of pizza for breakfast, try this recipe. The pizza is topped with tater tots (you can choose fried or baked, but go with fried today, obviously)—plus two kinds of bacon. Oh, and there are eggs on top too. And cheese. Breakfast of champions? Yes indeed.  
Shrimp may be the perfect "diet food." Even if it were fattening, I'd consider eating it. Couple it with fresh garlic, my favorite seasoning, and how can you go wrong? Whatever you do, when you start preparing this recipe, make sure you have all of your ingredients measured and ready to go before adding the wine and lemon juice to the pan. Though it's always recommended that you prep everything in advance, it's not always key. Here, it definitely is or the wine and lemon juice will evaporate while you're off measuring-not only could it be detrimental to the taste, but you could easily burn your pan.
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Targeted Ketogenic Diets (TKD) are geared towards bodybuilders. This variation of the ketogenic diet allows athletes to ingest high-quality carbohydrates within a half hour of a workout. Since the athletes are performing high-intensity workouts, they are able to burn the additional carbs off very quickly in a workout. They literally burn them before it affects their state of ketosis. If the carbs aren’t burned completely, or in a short period of time, the body is taken out of ketosis.
Not only do these energy bites look amazing, but they also taste amazing! All that needs to be done is mixing the ingredients and throwing them in the fridge to set. No butter or sugar added, this is a great snack that won’t leave you feeling guilty. Enjoy one or two between meals throughout your day to keep you energized and away from that 2 o’clock crash.
Did you say guacamole?! Being one of the latest crazes, guacamole is something people are willing to bathe in and always willing to pay the extra dollar. This is not just any ordinary guacamole, though; this is guacamole combined with bacon and cheese. Extremely low in sugar, this cheesy guacamole is perfect for dipping carrots or celery into. If you find yourself unable to stop once you’ve started, try making a smaller portion using just one avocado.
Believe it or not, your body is really, really good at guiding you to eat enough, choose nourishing foods and support your health. Yes, nutrition knowledge and understanding is helpful to guide that intuition, but it’s definitely there. So if you’re eating and choosing foods because of some flashy labeling or creative marketing - it’s hard to tell if you actually LIKE what you’re eating and if it even feels good to you. If you’re eating ‘til the bottom of Halo Top because it’s a ‘permitted food’, you likely aren’t paying attention to your increasing fullness, how satisfying it is, or if you’re even liking it! If we’re constantly ignoring those signals and eating until uncomfortable - albeit, ‘guilt-free’ - fullness, it makes it much harder for us to tune in and eat a satisfying amount of the real stuff and increases our dependence on filling up on the ‘guilt-free’ ones!
The Most Decadent Diet Ever by Devin Alexander is a beautiful and sensible cookbook. The pictures alone make you want to try the recipes. The book has a nice opening chapter with de rigueur information . The following pages have a nice layout, the recipes are easy to read and all the nutritional information is included. I like the quality of the suggested ingredients and the taste combination of the dishes. I am happy to see that someone actually thought about the taste of the finished recipes. Believe it or not, not all cookbooks have good tasting recipes!